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Frequently Asked Questions


» How do I download the Vyrso eReader app?

You can get the Vyrso ereader app for iOS and Android free at the Vyrso App Store page or the Vyrso Google Play page. You can get the Kindle Fire app and instructions for installation here.

» Why should I register my account?

While registering isn't required to download the app, users are required to register an account to access their library.

Existing Logos users are already registered and can sign in using their email address and password to access their full Logos and Vyrso libraries.

» Do I have to be a Logos customer to use the app?

Vyrso is available to everyone with no purchase necessary, but users who also own a Logos Bible Software Base Package collection will be able to view their resources on Vyrso too.

To access the Vyrso library and open the app users are required to create a account, which can be accessed at the accounts page.

» Which books are compatible with the Vyrso app?

Every book on is compatible with the Vyrso app. As for Logos books, you can view a list of compatible Logos titles on You can also use the search bar on to search for a specific title. Titles compatible with Vyrso are marked with an iPhone badge on the product page.

» How much does the Vyrso app cost?

The app is free and comes with a free King James Version!

» Which devices support the app?

All iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, and Android devices are compatible. The iOS devices must be OS 4.0 (or higher) to support the Vyrso app. The Logos for Android app requires an SD card and about 20 MB of free space. (Some devices, like the Nexus S, have the equivalent of an SD card built in.) You can also access books via your web browser at For more information, visit our mobile platforms page.

» What’s the difference between the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app?

There is no difference! They have the same interface, same features and same books.

» I want to buy a mobile device; how much space do I need?

Since the Vyrso app accesses your books from the internet, there is no space requirement in order to use the app. If you plan to download all of your books and/or other apps/music/videos/photos, you should consider a larger hard drive to best fit your overall storage needs.

» Can I buy a hard copy of a book through your site?

Vyrso is an ebook store and specializes in providing electronic content for your reading enjoyment on a variety of devices. We do not sell print editions of books.

» How do I contact Vyrso?

Vyrso is a subsidiary of Logos Bible Software. Feel free to get in touch with Logos customer service at our contact page.

Operating Vyrso

» Do I need to be connected to the internet to use Vyrso?

You will need to be connected to the internet via your cell phone service provider or Wi-Fi to access all the features and resources of the app unless you choose to download them to your mobile device. Click here to learn more about reading books in offline mode.

» How do I sync my books across devices?

Sign in to your account and your Vyrso eBooks will automatically sync across all your devices and software platforms, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android Smartphone, Android Tablet, Kindle Fire, Logos Desktop, and

» How do I copy and paste?

Simply tap and hold a section of text and you will be given the option to "Copy." Navigate to where you want to paste the text and then tap and hold again and select Paste.

» Are highlighting and notes included?

Yes, highlighting and notes are included in both the Vyrso and the Logos app.

» How do I bookmark something I'm reading?

Simply swipe up and tap “Add to Favorites.” To view your favorites, tap the center of the screen while reading and then tap the star.

» How do I install Vyrso?

• Using your device, tap the button for the App Store

• Enter "Vyrso" into the search

• Select Vyrso and tap the "Install" button

• After the app has installed, exit the App Store

• Tap on the orange Vyrso icon and enter your email address and password.

• You will remain automatically logged in to the app. Uninstall* the app if you need to sign out.

» How do I install Vyrso on Kindle Fire?

You can download Vyrso at the Vyrso for Kindle Fire page. If you need help installing the app, read the step-by-step instructions.

» How do I uninstall Vyrso?

• On your device, press and hold the Vyrso icon until all your icons begin to "wiggle."

• Click the X in the top corner of the Vyrso App icon and select "Delete."

• The Vyrso App icon will disappear.

• Click the round button in the center of your device to stop the icon "wiggles."

• Vyrso is now uninstalled; any saved user info and downloaded books are removed from your device.

*Note: Uninstalling the Vyrso app on your iPhone will delete any books you may have saved for offline reading mode. You will need to save them again upon reinstalling.