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Behind the Screen

by Spencer Lewerenz, Barbara Nicolosi

$10.80 $18.00


Joan of Arcadia, Mission Impossible, Batman Forever, and That 70's Show have been some of the biggest productions in film and television. But did you know that Christians have been behind the scenes of these and other box office and ratings smashes? Industry professionals Spencer Lewerenz and Barbara Nicolosi have discovered that the church is very much alive in Hollywood—and making a difference!

Behind the Screen presents a fascinating look at Hollywood through the eyes of Christian writers, producers, and executives living out their faith on movie sets, in studio offices, and at TV networks. In their own words, they will take you behind the screen to reveal what Hollywood thinks of God and what you can do to close the gap between Christianity and culture.

"Behind the Screen is filled with insights from Christian media professionals who challenge us to stop grousing and start using the power of storytelling to broadcast hope. Do yourself a favor—turn off the TV, skip the movie opening this weekend, sit down, make yourself a tub of popcorn, and read this book."—David McFadzean, producer, Home Improvement, What Women Want, and Where the Heart Is

"These authors are culture-makers who want to seamlessly integrate their beliefs with their work and art."—Publishers Weekly, starred review