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Doing Life Differently

Doing Life Differently

by Luci Swindoll



"Adventure is an attitude," says author and Women of Faith speaker Luci Swindoll, "not a behavior." In this inspiring account of her courageous life, she shows readers what happens when we stop asking "if only" and "why me?" and start asking "what if?" and "why not?" It teaches how to live savoring each moment and how to let go of regrets and embrace dreams instead.

Doing Life Differently is not a pie-in-the-sky book that sidesteps the real issues of life. Instead, the zest in its pages helps readers find the life of adventure that is within the very life they are living. A jolt of energy and a blast of fresh air, Luci Swindoll manages to reach every reader where she is and help her envision a life through the lens of possibility.


Author Information

  • Luci Swindoll travels across the United States as an inspirational conference speaker for Women of Faith, a ministry dedicated to the spiritual growth and encouragement of women. Author, speaker, photographer, musician, and artist, Luci is full of life and loves to spread the joy and happiness of the Lord as much as she experiences it. She has written 14 books, including Knowing God's Word, Doing Life Differently, Embracing Forgiveness, and Infinite Grace.