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By Dawn's Early Light

By Dawn's Early Light

by Grant R. Jeffrey, Angela Hunt



In this thrilling sequel to Flee the Darkness, the Y2K crisis has passed, but Daniel Prentice is faced with an even greater crisis as the ancient prophecies foretold in the book of Ezekial begin to unfold. The forces of evil have never been stronger nor the world's destruction nearer than in By Dawn's Early Light.


Author Information

  • Grant R. Jeffrey is a Canadian Bible teacher of Bible prophecy/eschatology and biblical archaeology and a proponent of dispensational evangelical Christianity. As chairman of Frontier Research Publications for more than 20 years, Jeffrey’s 25 books have been translated into 24 languages. He also appears on television and radio shows, particularly on Christian programs, and also attends speaking engagements around the globe.

  • Angela Elwell Hunt (born December 20, 1957) is a prolific Christian author, and her books include The Tale of Three Trees, The Debt, The Note, and The Nativity Story, among others.