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How to Read Your Bible

by David Sanford, Renée Sanford



As a dedicated Christian, you've decided to follow Jesus Christ and have accepted the challenge to read through the Bible. Up until now, your Bible reading has been pretty hit-and-miss. To be honest, so far you've only hit Genesis, the first half of Exodus, part of Psalms, and portions of the New Testament and missed the rest. The thought of reading from Genesis to Revelation is exciting-but slightly intimidating. You'd like some help! Where do you turn?

This book will guide you on your journey through the Scriptures, both showing the way and answering common questions.

For every Christian who wants to read or is trying to read through the whole Bible, here is the book that shows the way! After all, it takes more than good intentions and will power to get that needed epiphany that "I really can read through God's Word."

How to Read Your Bible answers the following questions:

• Why Should I Read the Bible?

• Is My Bible Inspired?

• Is My Translation Trustworthy?

• What About Apparent Errors?

• Where Do I Start Reading the Bible?

• What Do I Look for When I'm Reading?

• How Do I Make Sense of What I'm Reading?

• How Do I Personalize What I'm Reading?

• What Do I Do After I Read?