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The Way of the Wild Heart Manual

The Way of the Wild Heart Manual

by John Eldredge



Based on John's new trade book, The Way of the Wild Heart Workbook sheds light on the initiation into manhood, reaching out to men who lacked the spiritual role models to help lead them through this rite of passage. It will reach out to "unfinished men" and help them identify their weaknesses, baggage, and uncertainties that hinder them in becoming the individuals and the mentors that they strive to be.

Eldredge identifies six stages that all men go through: the beloved son, the cowboy ranger, the warrior, the lover, the king, and the sage. In this workbook, Eldredge presents a working, walking model that men can apply to their daily lives.


Author Information

  • John Eldredge (born June 6, 1960) is an author, counselor, and lecturer of Christianity.

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