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From Across the Ancient Waters

From Across the Ancient Waters

by Michael Phillips

$2.24 $2.99


He vowed never to change—


With weary hearts, Vicar Edward Drummond and his wife watch as their son, Percival, is dragged home by a Glasgow bobby. It isn’t the first time young Percy has had a run-in with the law, but at last the vicar knows he can no longer stand idly by. . . .


For what promises to be a long summer, Percy finds himself banished to his uncle’s Welsh estate. Despite having his parents’ prayers behind him, Percy has no intention of letting the country atmosphere soften his rebellion, determined instead to buck kindly influence and cling to old ways.


—before the rugged coast took root in his heart.


But once at Westbrooke Manor, the Welsh countryside and two intriguing friendships—one with mystifying lass Gwyneth Barrie and another with his beautiful cousin Florilyn—undermine Percy’s resolve in ways he could never have expected. As Percy is swept into conflict and romance along the rugged coast, will he see his way clearly to a new path? Or will secrets from across the ancient waters alter his course forever?